The title of Boruto Episode 204 is “He’s terrible information.” The following week’s scene will likely be the best one of this new-gen anime up until now. Its see is as of now breaking the web, and fans can anticipate that the episode should do likewise.

Boruto Episode 204

Boruto Episode 204: Preview and Plot Details

The see of the anime’s impending scene is prodding its greatest battle up until now. The fans have been biting the dust to see Jigen in real life since the time he was presented in the anime. Presently, the time is at long last here. Jigen will take on both Naruto and Sasuke at the same time in another measurement. Both the review and the title of the forthcoming scene propose that the head of the Kara association is excessively solid.

Naruto will utilize the Kyuubi cover, while Sasuke will utilize a definitive Susano. Be that as it may, Jigen doesn’t recoil subsequent to seeing the most grounded types of them and is prepared to battle the two of them head-on.

Past Episode Recap!

In the 203rd scene of Boruto, the watchers saw Kakwai’s karma actuated all alone at the Uzumaki family. Unexpectedly, a dark opening showed up, and Jigen came out of it. Kawaki uncovered to Naruto that he is the head of the Kara association, Jigen. Abruptly, a horn arose on Kawaki’s head, and it stunned Jigen. Notwithstanding, it vanished the second Naruto kicks Jigen. The last figured out how to overwhelm the Hokage and penetrated bars in him to confine his developments. Konohamaru likewise attempted to battle the head of the Kara, yet he is excessively incredible for him.


Boruto Episode 204: Release Date

The greatest clash of the arrangement is a couple of days away. The fans will at last see Jigen taking on Naruto and Sasuke in Boruto Episode 204 this Sunday on June 20, 2021. They can watch the most recent scenes of this show online on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.

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