Jinyoung is Full of Ideas While Sharing a Kiss Scene with Co-Sar Park Gyu-Young

Jinyoung and Park’s kisses in “The Devil Judge”

“The Devil Judge” is a South Korean TV series that is a mystery and legal drama. The first episode of the show was released on 3rd July 2021. Till now, the creators have released 14 episodes of the show. Therefore, the creators are still to flip out the remaining two episodes. Well, there is something that makers have recently released and fans cannot stop admiring Jinyoung’s cuteness. Read below to know more about Jinyoung’s kissing scenes ideas.

Jinyoung’s ideas for Kiss Scene

Behind the scenes of the show are as engaging as the who series. So initially, in the first scene, both the actors are controlling their laugh. Later on, Jinyoung and Park Gyu practice their kissing scene. Here begins Jinyoung’s idea for a wonderful steamy kiss. He suggests that they should make eye contact while kissing to which Park Gyu agrees. After this, she leaves with embarrassment, and Jinyoung practices post kiss reactions. He covers the picture frame of his parents that is on the side of the bed (to show that he feels shy).

After the kiss scene the duo practice for the confession scene. They follow up for the confession scene where Jinyoung suggests Park hug him. However, Park sarcastically says no. Certainly, The whole behind the scenes in video shows the amazing bonding between the four leads.

Team of “The Devil Judge”

The mystery legal drama is created by Kim Je-hyeon and developed by Choi Jung-gyu. The star cast includes Ji Sung, Kim Min-Jung, Park Jin-Young, and Park Gyu-young. It is produced by Kim Woo-taek along with 6 other producers. Apart from his, Jang Jeong-do has executively produced the show.

The devil judge
Credit: tvN Darama

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