JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure May Continue with Part 9 After All

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has been thrilling fans for years now, and many have wondered whether the manga’s end has been reached. Creator Hirohiko Araki just brought the manga’s eighth part to the end after years of work, so you can understand the worry. But if a new report is right, it seems like JoJo is far from over.

In fact, a new update from fan-site SugoiLITE has the Internet wilding over JoJo and its future. According to the page, news from Japan has surfaced about the series. If it is true, then JoJo is set for a part nine, and it will be going live with a spin-off to boot.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Art Heroes Unite
(Photo: David Production)

The report is pretty bare at this point, but it does state JoJo is planning a part nine with Araki. The series will be called JoJo Lands tentatively, and that is not all. A spin-off manga is also said to be in the work, and it will star two surprising heroes.

And who might they be? Well, if the report is right, the spin-off will focus on Josuke and Hol Horse. Kouhei Kadono is expected to write the JoJo spin-off while Tasuku Karasuma oversees the art. Of course, none of this news has been made official by Araki’s team, but fans are leaning into this report full tilt.

After all, JoJo has become a hugely popular series, and its manga has shot up in sales overseas during Jojolion’s run. The eighth part enjoyed unprecedented success thanks to this heightened fame, and the JoJo fandom is desperate for more. This is what convinced Araki to carry on the manga, and the decision isn’t one to take lightly.

The artist has a storied resume to his name, and Araki could retire at any point without worry. At 61 years old, the artist is certainly deserving of a break since he’s worked on JoJo ever since its debut in 1987. The manga will turn 40 in five years which is hard to believe, but the Joestar Clan isn’t complaining. Now, it seems Araki is game to continue on the story for fans, so here’s to hoping this report pans out as we all hope!

What do you make of this new report? Do you think JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is really game for another round? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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