Jungle Cruise Star Has a New TV Season Coming to Netflix

You might know Jack Whitehall from his comedy, or from his work as Emily Blunt’s less-than-capable brother in Jungle Cruise, starring opposite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Plemons. This week, though, the fifth season of his Netflix series — Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father — is set to debut on the streamer. The fifth season of the series, which sees Whitehall traveling the world with his hard-to-impress father, debuted on Netflix today. This season sees the pair stay relatively close to home, touring the U.K., possibly a concession to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic and the reality that you don’t want to get stranded in a foreign country if you can avoid it.

Unfortunately for fans, there will be no season six. Earlier this summer, Whitehall revealed that the fifth season will be the series’ last.

The revelation was likely tied to either the Whitehalls being done, or the pandemic making it difficult and costly to shoot international productions. It doesn’t seem as though it was a last-minute cancellation, as the trailer shows the pair, in-series, explicitly referencing the end of the show.

During the trailer, Jack Whitehall says that he’s “sad it’s coming to an end,” and his father Michael answers, “We’ve had a great time and I’m sure we’ll do lots of other things together, just no more travels.”

The semi-scripted show obviously includes some elements that are setups, with even the Whitehalls having described it as a bit like a sitcom. Still, there’s enough improvisation to keep fans entertained by the Odd Couple-style personality clashes that arise when Jack spouts off something that throws his uptight, English father for a loop.

Jack Whitehall will next appear in Paramount’s big-screen adaptation of Clifford the Big Red Dog, alongside Kenan Thompson, David Alan Grier, and John Cleese. The film is set for a release on December 24, 2021. He is assumed to be joining Johnson and Blunt in a planned sequel to Jungle Cruise, set to go into production

You can see the series synopsis below, courtesy Netflix:

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father: Season 5 — NETFLIX SERIES

Jovial comic Jack Whitehall and his stuffy father, Michael, take unusual and amusing trips to foreign lands in an attempt to strengthen their bond.

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