Kate Walsh to Make a Grand Return in Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 as Addison Montgomery

Kate Walsh is returning home

Kate Walsh is officially returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for season 18 to reprise her iconic role of Dr. Addison Montgomery. The actress announced the big news to fans on social media on Thursday, throwing them in frenzy.

In this video, surprising the fans, Kate informs elatedly that Dr. Addison Montgomery is returning to Grey Sloan Memorial, “She’s coming home.”

The big return

Walsh made her memorable debut as Addison in Grey’s season 1 finale as Derek Shepherd’s wife. She was a major part of the show at the hospital for two more seasons and secured a place among fans. After that she went on to star in Grey’s spin-off show Private Practice, which ran for six seasons until 2013.

Walsh has been questioned several times about her re-appearance in the show to which she always maintained that she would love to return to the show. She continued to maintain a close contact with the showrunner, Shona Rhimes.

Kate Walsh | Grey's Anatomy | Addison Montgomery
Kate Walsh | Instagram

The journey continues…

The details about her role aren’t revealed yet. However, the crazy fan following of the character assures of meaty storylines and massive return. This was one moment that fans have been waiting for especially with the return of all other original cast members in season 17.

The 18th season of the show is due by the end of September. Season 17 covered the pandemic that has rocked the entire globe. And we bid farewell to our beloved Dr. Jackson Avery as Jesse Williams opted out of the show after 12 seasons. Sarah Drew aka April was called back to give him a grand farewell. He left for Boston with love of his life, April, and their daughter, Harriet, to take over the foundation.

Patrick Dempsey along with Eric Dane and Chyler Leigh too made a stunning return in season 17. They made a stunning appearance in Meredith’s dreams as she was battling with covid-19.

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