Kate Winslet Anticipates Season 2 of the Crime Drama Series

Kate Winslet with her another great performance

Created by Brad Ingelsby, the Kate Winslet starrer “Mare of Easttown” is a crime drama limited series. The first season of the series contains seven episodes. The first episode of the series premiered on April 18, 2021. And the final episode of the season released on May 30, 2021. Kate Winslet, as mentioned above, was the star of the show and played the role of Mare Sheehan.

In addition to Kate, Julianne Nicholson, Evans Peter and Angourie Rice were also part of the series. The audience fell in love with the show and its cast. In fact, the series got sixteen nominations at the Emmy Awards. And the series won four awards on September 19th.

Kate Winslet at Emmy Awards 2021 | Mare of Easttown season 2
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Kate Winslet on the rumours about a potential second season

Kate Winslet won the award for “Outstanding Lead Actress” on September 19. Afterwards, Evans Peter also won the award for “Outstanding Supporting Actor”. In addition to Evans, Julianne Nicholson also won the award for “Outstanding Supporting Actress”. Winslet, after her victory at the Emmys, addressed the rumours regarding a possible second season.

When asked whether there will be a second season or not Winslet said she doesn’t have a clear answer. She said that the success of the show was a surprise and there have been talks about a second season. Currently, nothing is official but Winslet is wondering about Mare’s next steps. When asked how she will celebrate her victory, Winslet replied that the cast members are probably going to get drunk.

Season 2 in demand

The series follows the story of Mare Sheehan. In a small town of Pennsylvania, Mare is an office police investigator. The series follows Mare investigating a brutal murder while trying to keep her life from falling apart. The series was produced by Karen Wacker. And Craig Zobel was the director of the show.

In addition to having a great director on board, the show consisted of a great cast as well. Sosie Bacon, David Denman, Neal Huff were also part of the cast. Moreover, Guy Pearce, John Douglas Thompson, and James McArdle were also some of the cast members. For an official announcement it seems fans will have to wait. However, the huge success at Emmys 2021 has definitely increased the chances.

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