KBS is Launching a New Variety Show Starring Celebrities as Father-Son Pairs

The new program will air in October

KBS 2TV is making a new show fit for households!

The news was announced by the company on September 15, about a new selection program called New Family Relationship Certificate Godfather (literal title). The show is scheduled to air in October.

What the show is about


New Family Relationship Certificate Godfather is going to be a program that discussed the true emotions between a father and son. The pair will be opposites in terms of personality, and will view things very differently, for example, marriage. It will also show how they reach a conclusion where they can see eye to eye.

The team behind the show gave a brief premise of the story, saying that the era we live in is frustrating because parents often do not understand their sons’ and daughters’ ways of thinking, and other times, children are not willing to communicate their problems to their parents. By casting celebrities known for being the “nation’s father” with celebrities known for being “nation’s son”, they hope to bring about a connection between those who have carried South Korea’s modern history with those who are looking for an answer to life. This will help viewers understand the importance of family.

The casting


Currently, we have no information on who will star in the show, but it’s expected to have some of the top celebrities who are known for such roles. Viewers are already excited for the father-son chemistry brought by each pair as they tackle different problems, and in the end, meet anew as father and son.

While the ex

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