Kevin Hart and F. Gary Gray are Collaborating for Netflix’s Upcoming Heist Movie

Kevin Hart and F. Gary Gray’ first collaboration

The famous Hollywood star Kevin Hart is now reportedly going to work with F. Gary Gray for an upcoming Netflix crime and robbery film titled “Lift”.

The spec script was picked up by Netflix in March which is actually written by screenwriter Dan Kunka. The plot of the heist movie is really interesting. Kevin Hart will play the role of a thief. Convinced by his ex girlfriend he will execute an impossible heist on a London to Zurich flight.

Stellar team

Kevin Hart the talented actor as well as stand up comedian known for his films like “ Jumanji- The Next Level”, “Fatherhood”, “Think Like A Man”, “Central Intelligence”, “Ride Along” “Night School” etc.

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Currently the actor and comedian hosts an unscripted TV program “Hart To Heart” which is airing on TV since August of 2021. Hart will be seen in TV Series named “The man from Toronto”, “True story” and also in “Borderlands”.

On the other side F. Gary Gray is famous for directing movies like “Men in Black: International”, “The Fate of the Furious”, “Straight Outta Compton”, “A Man Apart” “Law Abiding Citizen” and more. After finishing “Lift” the director will also be directing an action film called “Muscle” starring Vin Diesel. “Lift” will be the first work of Kevin and Hard together.

Have a peek inside the production house

Simon Kinberg and Audrey Chon’ production house Genre Pictures will produce the film alongside Matt Reeves and Adam Kassan for 6th & Idaho, and Hart and Brian Smiley for HartBeat Productions which is a creative partnership with Netflix. Hartbeat is currently working on “Me Time” which is an upcoming Netflix comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall.

According to the reports, the production for the movie will start at the beginning of 2022. When this two brilliant actor and director is teaming up we can hope that a good heist movie is on it’s way.

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