Kim Go Eun and Nam Ji Hyun might Lead the Drama “Little Women”, Steered by the “Vincenzo” Director

Kim Go Eun & Nam Ji Hyun to star in the prospective tvN drama “Little Women”.

The director of the striking crime-comedy series “Vincenzo” is back with another rousing drama, “Little Women”. As of September 24, stars Kim Go Eun & Nam Ji Hyun are rumored to take up the lead roles in the said drama. Previously, when the news regarding the new drama popped up, it was said to have an outstanding cast. The rumors are convincing that it does have now!

What do Kim Go Eun’s & Nam Ji Hyun’s labels have to say about it?

Actress Kim Go Eun
Instagram: @bhent_official

Shortly after the rumours spread throughout the global village, the Kim Go Eun’s & Nam Ji Hyun’s agencies revealed statements concerning the same. Kim Go Eun’s label BH Entertainment revealed that the actress received a casting offer for “Little Women”. The agency further said that Kim Go Eun is studying the project. On the other hand, Nam Ji Hyun’s agency Soop stated that the star is positively reviewing the offer.

 Actress Nam Ji Hyun
Instagram: @hyuniiiiiii_95917

By any chance, if the duo commits to the project, “Little Women” would turn out as a splendid drama. The fact that director Kim Hee-Won will team up with writer Jeong Seo Kyung makes it even more exciting!

Little Women: What to expect from it?

The upcoming drama “Little women” is an adaptation of the novel “Little ladies”. The “Little Women” narrates the story of three sisters striving to live in poverty. Further, it gives us an insight into how strong the bond between the three sisters is compared to their hardship.

As said above, Kim Hee-Won directs the series while Jeong Seo Kyung pens the scripts for the drama. The production company Studio Dragon will produce the drama. The company has previously produced Kim Hee-Won’s “Vincenzo”. As of now, the production has approached only Kim Go Eun & Nam Ji Hyun to play as two of the sisters.

Sources report that the production will begin the filming process by the end of this year. Furthermore, the “Little Women” drama is planned to release in the first half of 2021.

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