Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Seol’s Script Reading Images takes Excitement Sky-high Among Fans

The first script reading held on September 30, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Myung, Lee Seol and other actors played their role passionately

The upcoming Korean drama One Ordinary Day will be released by Coupang Play in November of this year. Photos of the first script reading for Coupang Play’s new series “One Ordinary Day” shared. One Ordinary Day a recreation of BBC’s Criminal Justice that addresses “the difficulties and politics of the judicial system” through the perspective of the imprisoned.

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Credits: Instagram @oneordinaryday.drama

A drama that uncovers the violent criminal justice system from an amazingly popular sort of mentality through the ferocious tale of two men facing the death of a female. Hyun Soo, a daily college student, surprisingly becomes the suspect in a murder investigation. Shin Joong Han the most straightforward legal practitioner willing to assist Kim Hyun Soo. Despite having just recently graduated from law school, Shin Joong Han’s engagement in Kim Hyun Woo’s case propels his ordinary existence to unprecedented heights.

Each actors perfectly suited to their respective roles

Kim Soo Hyun plays Kim Hyun Soo, Cha Seung Won portrays Shin Joong Han. Lee Seol playing Seo Soo Jin Rookie lawyer, Yang Kyung Won represents Park Doo Shik. And Kim Shin Rok in the role of Ahn Tae Hee Elite prosecutor. Kim Hong Pa plays Park Sang Beom Team commander, and Kim Sung Gyu plays Do Ji Tae.

Soo Hyun
Credits: Instagram @oneordinaryday.drama

Soo Hyun took the lead and the crew followed him through tough passages during script readings. He done it with ardent looks and messianic tone. Cha Seung Won on other hand, featured with a beard knotted up his hair to resemble his persona. Seung Won inspired everyone by his profound emotional connection with him.

Also he boosted the energy in the room with his engrossing in acting, which mirrored his body language. Meanwhile Lee Seol’s bravery was revealed throughout her character Seo Soo Jin, a young lawyer just beginning in her career. All the other characters played well around Kim Soo Hyun most importantly Kim Sung Kyu as main predator Do Ji Tae.

Lee Myung-Woo, the director, complimented his two lead actors and discussed what viewers can visualize from the judicial K-drama. Kim Hyun-Soo shows a variety of emotions and two sides of his persona. Lee Myung-Woo reveals that Cha Seung Won voluntarily adopted a scruffy appearance for his character.

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