Korean Girl Band Rankings for September is Announced! You’ll be Surprised to see Top Rankers

Korean Business Research Institute has finally revealed the Rankings

Korean Business Research has revealed the rankings for this month’s girl group bands. These rankings were determined through a deep analysis of consumer participation, media coverage, and other interactions. However, this data is accumulated over a period of a month, from August 12 to September 12.

Who is on the top?

In the first position, we have BLACKPINK with a brand reputation of 3,702,433. It has marked a 14.16% rise in their score since last month. The reason for such a huge rise can be their recent song Lalisa which broke off the internet. Meanwhile, this song secured 79 million views in just 24 hrs. It is a solo album released by Lisa.

Lalisa Creates History

The band’s positivity-negativity ratio is released to be 84.07%.

Girl’s Generation has secured the second position, giving a very tough competition. They have seen a 53.49% increase in their brand reputation since the last month. Therefore they have secured a score of 3,601,929.

BLACKPINK Hits 700M on YouTube

In the third position, we have Red Velvet. They are maintaining their place for the last month. And they have scored 3,552,477. The rise in their brand value is 42.47%.

Now, in the fourth position, we have Aespa which is rather a new band in comparison to others. They were formed on November 17, 2020. SM Entertainment has formed this band and it consists of four members. “Black Mamba” was their first song which performed fairly well.

Girl's Generation Makes to top Korean Bank Ranking
Girl’s Generation | Twitter

However, on the fifth position, we have TWICE. Their recent album “The Feels” performed fairly well in the market. Both these bands which have fourth and fifth positions just have secured their positions from the previous month. Meanwhile, in the sixth position, we have Brave Girls. Followed by Oh My Girls, Lovelyz, MAMAMOO, and Apink.

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