Korean Idol ‘Jeongyeon’ Pauses to Reflect Upon her Mental Health & Recover

Jeongyeon works towards her recovery

Jeongyeon is a South Korean singer who is a part of the TWICE band. She is taking a break from her work for a while to restore her mental health. This news was confirmed on 18th August by JYP entertainment. They said that due to symptoms of panic and psychological anxiety she won’t be participating in upcoming events of the TWICE band.

Jeongyeon To Take Break From Activities

Has it happened before?

Yes, it has happened before last year. In the year 2020, Jeongyeon took a break from the events of the band because of her mental health. However, she recovered from it soon and was back to work. Ever since then, she has been taking care of herself and she is on medications. This last time she was unable to be a part of the SORIBADA music awards.

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What future holds for the singer?

As through the official statement of JYP entertainment, all they have disclosed is, Jeongyeon is already on medications ever since. But she still needs to take rest and take better care of herself. Therefore, she will not be a part of the future activities of TWICE and some group events. They have discussed this with Jeongyeon herself and the band. Most recently the TWICE has released their album ‘Perfect World’ and they are said to release their first English song this upcoming September. So it seems like Jeongyeon won’t be a part of the promotions for this upcoming song.

For now, we don’t know for how long this break has been taken. Or when will Jeongyeon return to her work. However, she is still active on her social media and will keep her fans updated about herself. All we hope for is a speedy recovery for Jeongyeon.

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