Korean Idol ‘Yunho’ only Fined for Violating Covid-19 Restrictions Early this Year

Yunho fined for violating rules

TVXQ’s Yunho was criminally charged for violating social distancing rule at a bar back in March. He has been under investigation all these months. On September 2 it was disclosed that Yunho will be charged a fine for violating the rules.

What happened that day?

Yunho | Instagram

Yunho, also known as U- Know Yunho is a Korean Singer and a member of pop duo TVXQ. On 25th of February he stayed in an entertainment bar post 10 pm, when a night curfew was in force throughout the capital city of Korea by the government to contain the Covid-19 cases. The mayor of Seoul restricted the closing hour of restaurants to 10 pm. And the customer was required to leave before then.

Violating the operation hours at the time were subject to fines only so the government didn’t apply any punishment.

The singer regrets his act

After this, both Yunho and his agency apologized for not obeying the rules. SM entertainment said in their official statement that Yunho will sincerely follow the order and submit the fine. They also said, the singer was invited by his friend that day and it was the first time in the establishment in question. After being accused he actively participated in the investigation that took place.


Since that incident Yunho has reflected deeply on his careless action that has concerned his fans and many other people during the time when people are suffering due to the pandemic of Covid 19. And even now he regrets his carelessness.

Even Yunho himself apologized on social media. He apologized for not abiding by the proper regulations when he met his friends past 10 pm on the night of 25th February. He stated that he will be more careful and strict with himself so that the kind of incident does not occur again.

All the people who were found to be at the restaurant after 10 pm were charged for their act. That includes 3 other customers, two employees and the owner himself.

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