Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other ; Indulge in PDA in Italy

Travis and Kourtney enjoys their holiday

Travis Barker got on an airplane for the first time after his tragic crash in 2008. Kourtney and Travis went for a holiday in Italy and here are some of the highlights.

They are known to be one of the sweetest and most romantic couples in Hollywood. They have bold chemistry and we cannot get enough of them.

This getaway was to Italy and we got to see some of the cutest pictures and PDA on August 27, Friday. The Daily Mail shared these cute pictures from their trip.

Display of affection

Kourtney and Travis could be seen kissing in Portofino over cocktails. Then they were seen holding hands while enjoying their delicious ice cream. Meanwhile, Kourtney was seen wearing a charcoal blacktop and looked stunning in it. Travis seemed rather funky in his lose tee.

Backgrid | Cobra

They were seen kissing and hugging in almost every venue they went to. It was visible to see that how much love they have for each other.

However, they also went to places like shopping and on the beach and had a very good time at almost every place. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Kourtney Kardashian | Travis Barker
Instagram | Kourtney Kardashian

Love is in the air

Soon as Travis was flying again. It must be such an overwhelming experience for him to fly again after the incident of 2008. The Blink-182 drummer shared a picture that was taken from a plane showing the beautiful night sky.

He also shared another photo which was of Adam DJ AM Goldstein. It is said that he is the only other person who survived the plane crash with Travis.

Travis was one of the only survivors of the crash. He was left injured soo fatally. There were third-degree burns to almost one-third of his body. He had to face PTSD after the crash. Therefore, it was such a huge step for him to travel by plane after so long.

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