Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Recalls the Horrific Experience of Getting Shot

Lady Gaga’s dog walker gives his first interview

Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer has finally opened up about his traumatizing experience of last February when he was almost killed by some dognappers.

The incident took place in Los Angeles when Ryan was on a walk with Gaga’s three French bulldogs- Gustav, Koji and Asia. He encountered some robbers who almost killed him by shooting on his chest and stole two dogs. He had spend a big amount of time in ICU until he get discharged in March.

Returns from the death

Finally after physically recovering from the deadly injury Ryan gave his first interview this Friday regarding the incident. In that interview with “CBS Morning” Gaga’s dog walker revealed the things he had to go through. “Some days are great, some weeks are not – and that’s been the big up and down the last few months” emotionally said Fischer.

Ryan Fischer | Instagram

He said the injury was severe one. When he was lying on the operating table, the way blood was flowing out of chest even the doctors was in doubt if he would survive or not.

“The hero”

In that “CBS Morning” interview with Gayle King, Fischer also revealed about what happened that night. The car of the robbers came and screeched, and came in an angle. Fischer said it was clear in his head that they were stopping for him. One of them came out of the car with a pistol and very soon it was clear to Ryan that the object of the heist were the bulldogs. When one of those robbers took two dogs and started putting them in their vehicle he desperately tried to stop them and that’s when they shot him.

He said when those robbers confronted him with a gun he knew he will get shot. However he still tried to fight as it was a mission to him, to save those dogs. Ryan added the bullet went through his clavicle and exited through the shoulder blade which caused him huge blood loss.

Lady Gaga | Instagram

The Grammy winner singer hailed him as a hero for his bravery. How he tried to save the dogs even when a gun was pointing him. Speaking of the singer, Fischer said Gaga helped him a lot during this. She flew him and his family out of L.A. and kept him safely at her own house.

Though Ryan Fischer is still not out of the mental trauma the incident caused him, he’s still recovering. The dogs are back to Lady Gaga and they are unharmed. The attackers are arrested and charged with murder attempt and robbery.

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