League of Legends Is Getting Player Titles and More Customizable Features

League of Legends players will eventually be able to affix different titles to their profiles to show off whatever achievements or skills they’d like to display. That feature is part of Riot Games’ plans to expand on what it calls the “Progression Identity” component of League. These player titles will be joined by other types of new content categories for players to delve into, though no release date for the features has been provided yet.

Riot’s Competitive Gameplay Product Manager Cody “Codebear” Germain talked about the Progression Identity changes planned for the future in a new post from the developers. Progression Identity currently encompasses things like prestige levels, “Ranked Regalia,” and pretty much anything associated with the way a player’s profile looks whenever you view it.

In a section of the post dedicated to “New Content Types,” Riot Codebear talked about the titles and more that are coming to the game. Titles, “Identity Crystals,” and accents on players’ banners were all described in detail below with a preview of what these titles might look like.

New Content Types

  • Titles are slated to make their way into the game to be earned from unique actions taken in League over time. It is our hope that we can expand on your feelings of agency and immersion in League by offering both skill representation titles alongside lore and thematic expression through this content type.
  • Identity Crystals, an identity item and not to be confused with the Gems you earn from crafting, are planned to be a summary of players overall footprint in League, and are designed to follow a similar tiering as other competitive systems. The idea here is that the Hextech crystal displayed will grow in power as a representation of your growth in all of League play.
  • Banner accents, something that we’re looking at to replace the unused banners in the loading screen and lobby, are still in ideation, but we hope that they will be a nice personalization option for players to really show off some of the detail of their personality outside of the game.
League of Legends Titles
(Photo: Riot Games)

With these titles being “earned from unique actions,” the text on some of the titles shown above gives indications as to what players will have to do to earn them. One can assume “Dragonmaster” and “Krugbug” deal with fighting jungle monsters while other titles will presumably cater to different playstyles beyond that one role.

Release dates for the new features mentioned above weren’t given, but Riot some of its new systems are “slated for this year and beyond.”

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