League of Legends Teaser Appears to Set Date for New Pentakill Music

League of Legends’ Pentakill group is apparently making a return in September according to a teaser shared by Riot Games. The Riot Games Music account on Twitter shared an image advertising the date of September 8th with only a few hashtags hinting at what the teaser might be related to. Based on those and the fact that we already knew Pentakill would have a new album out this year, it looks like that’s what we can look forward to next month.

The teaser below was shared this week to hint at Riot’s next big music project. While the “ReturnOfLegends” hashtag could be related to any music group really, it’s the “III” one that points towards Pentakill. The metal group comprised of League of Legends champions has put out two albums thus far, so their apparent return in September would mark the release of their third album.

The style of the image above also closely resembles the artwork we saw on the cover of Smite and Ignite, the first Pentakill album. If nothing else, it’s a much closer fit for a Pentakill album than anything from K/DA since it lacks the vibrant colors of the supergroup that took off more than Pentakill did despite K/DA not being the first League of Legends music group.

If those teasers weren’t indications enough that this is a Pentakill return, the official Riot Games account replied to the tweet with just one emoji, but it was one that added to the Pentakill theme.

Pentakill is currently comprised of Karthus, Mordekaiser, Yorick, Olaf, Sona, and Kayle with the last of that list being the only addition to the band outside of its initial formation. Since Kayle was added to the group, there’s reason to believe that we could see another champion join the ranks of the Pentakill ensemble this September alongside the release of their new album. Rell seems like the most on-the-nose answer since she’s already entirely themed around metal, but Viego’s another strong possibility given his themes and popularity.

Riot’s teaser points towards September 8th, so we’ll see then what Pentakill has been working on. Some more teasers will likely be shared before then, too, so keep an eye on the Riot Games Music account to make sure you don’t miss any.

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