Lee Jong Suk gets Candid about His Upcoming Projects With Cha Eun Woo and YoonA

Lee Jong openly discuss new projects

In 2019 Lee was enlisted as a public service worker and he was discharged earlier this year. He recently discussed his project in a recent interview and pictorial for Arena Homme Plus magazine. As soon as his military service got over, Lee started getting projects immediately. It was as if the makers were waiting for Lee to get discharge from the government services.

Lee Jong will be starring alongside Cha Eun Woo and Kim Rae Woo in the new action film Decibel. The movie has already started filming on April 20 and will focus on a group that will stop a sound terrorist attack in the city. Hwang In Ho will direct this movie.

Apart from this, Lee will also be coming alongside YoonA in tvN drama “Big Mouth”. The drama is about a lawyer who has just 10% of the winning rate. The drama is possible to be released in 2022.

Below is more about the projects Lee Jong has discussed recently.

Lee Jong Suk
Credit: Arena

Latest projects of Lee Jong Suk

Lee is very excited about his role in Decibel. He said that when he read the screenplay it turned out to be very interesting. Moreover, he also appreciates his decision on taking up such a good decision of being a part of the movie. He will also be making a special appearance in the sequel of “The Witch: Part 1” whose first part was released in 2018. Lee is excited about his role because it’s a villain-Esque character but in reality, it is not a villain.

Lee Jong Suk
Credit: Arena

Lee Jong Suk also celebrated his birthday a few days ago

On 15th Sept, Lee turned a year older and he was flooded with heartfelt selfies by fans. Moreover, the actor himself took to social media to thanks his fans for the unconditional love they had to send him.

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