Lee Joon Gi And Kim Ji Eun to Star in a Prospective Drama “Again My Life”

Lee Joon Gi And Kim Ji Eun confirmed to play the lead roles in a new drama “Again My Life”

Lee Joon Gi to make a small screen comeback with a new SBS drama, Again My Life. As per the news outlet on October 5, actors Lee Joon Gi And Kim Ji Eun will be starring in the lead roles of the upcoming SBS drama. Ensuing this, the official agencies of both the actors affirmed that the duo have signed for the project.

Following the triumph of the tvN series Flower of Evil, Lee Joon Gi will be making a return to the small screen with the new SBS drama after almost two years.

Kim Ji Eun as the female lead in new drama "Again My Life"
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Again My Life: Plot

Again My Life is an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Lee Hae Nal. Moreover, the novel has previously been made into a webtoon. Han Chul Soo, known for his works My Little Baby and Graceful Family, will direct the new drama Again My Life.

The upcoming SBS drama Again My Life narrates the tale of Kim Hee Woo, a young and ardent prosecutor. He is unfairly killed while attempting to bring down an influential person. However, he soon gets another chance at life to punish the wrong.

Lee Joon Gi to star as the prosecutor!

Lee Joong Gi will play the role of the young prosecutor, Kim Hee Woo. Kim Hee Woo lives a stormy life, from being the goofiest kid to entering a law school after striving for three years. Ensuing the start of his military service, he lived as a martial arts athlete and later passed the bar exam. He gets killed while investigating a corrupt politician but ultimately gets a second chance to live.

Lee Joong Gi to play a prosecutor
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Kim Ji Eun portrays Kim Hee Ah, the daughter of a renowned CEO. She has an easy-going identity and will soon get interested in Kim Hee Woo. The SBS drama Again My Life will reportedly release in April 2022.

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