Lee Min Ho gets Candid About Pachinko Role, his Fears & Life in Latest interview

Up, close and personal with Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho

The famous South Korean actor Lee Min Ho was interviewed by Esquire Magazine recently and things got interesting! The interview was uploaded on the magazine’s YouTube channel and the questions he answered were all sent by his fans. Fans submitted various questions ,where they asked about his hobbies , his personal life an most definitely his career.

Lee Min Ho took a trip down memory lane where he revealed that in middle school he was quite an athlete and completed a citywide high jump competition. He is still interested in various sports and said he is interested in fencing. If given the opportunity he would like to learn the sport in future.

Lee Min Ho
credit : Lee Min Ho | Instagram

Lee Min Ho’s Upcoming Drama Pachinko

The actor has an interesting project coming up , the drama ‘ Pachinko’. In the show he will be playing the role of Hansu. The star revealed how he likes to maintain the authenticity and stay true to the character. For playing Hansu he shifted his focus desperation. He tried to understand the desperation people had for survival during that period of time. He also wanted to learn , how people loved each other during that time. As an artist he focused on understanding that specific era.

The star also admitted to some personal things. When asked about what was his most recent search on the internet he revealed that it was his own name. He also confessed to searching himself on the internet at least once every day.

lee Min Ho
credit : Lee Min Ho | Instagram

On his days off , he likes to spend time in his comfort zone at home. The days where he as an off feel short so he prefers to spend them at home.

When asked about two things he would want to accomplish if the world ends tomorrow , he said it would be to see the northern lights and tell people close to him that he loves them.

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