Let There Be Carnage Releases New Behind-the-Scenes Teaser

In a new featurette on Apple TV+, Venom: Let There Be Carnage director Andy Serkis explained his excitement over getting to step into the world of Venom, and gave fans a little extra content, tacked on to the end of today’s wild and violent trailer for the movie. You also get a look at the Stan Lee cameo that will appear in the film. As Eddie (Tom Hardy) walks through his neighborhood bodega, the symbiote pops out of his shoulder to straighten a magazine about the life and accomplishments of the Spider-Man co-creator. A version of that shot was in the earlier trailer, but the Apple version gives a straight-on look at the magazine’s cover.

In his interview, Serkis doesn’t shy away to comparisons to his character of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. In fact, he sees his time on that franchise as key to why he is perfect for the Venom brand.

“I’ve spent a considerable amount of my life playing a character with two sides to his personality,” Serkis says with a smile. “There’s common ground there.”

You can see the tweet that will lead you Apple’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage landing page below.

The trailer, released today, shows off a ton of Woody Harrelson’s Carnage/Cletus Kasady. The “spawn” of Venom in the comics, the movie version of Carnage appears to have been created somewhat more accidentally, when Kasady bites Eddie’s hand and swallows some symbiote-infused blood.

Starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris, Reid Scott, Stephen Graham, and Woody Harrelson, Sony Pictures’ Venom: Let There Be Carnage opens in theaters soon. Interestingly enough, the trailer was also missing an exact release date. While the movie was previously scheduled for September 24th, that date was missing entirely from the trailer. Instead, the teaser wrapped up with a generic “coming this fall” endcap, quickly causing Venom fans concern about the show’s release date.

After all, Paramount removed Clifford The Big Red Dog from its September 17th date citing concerns over rising COVID numbers, and some insiders suggest studios are now monitoring COVID-related models to make decisions on whether other similar delays may take place.

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