Liam Payne Announces New Single! “Sunshine” To Be Featured in ‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’

Liam Payne’s Upcoming Single

The former One Direction member Liam Payne announced a new single on Twitter. ‘Sunshine’ which is set to release on 27 August. The song will be on screen with the Disney’s ‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’. Payne being a Disney fan, felt like this was ‘dream come true’ moment. Although he is famous as the member of ‘One Direction’ he now gives voice-over to a character in the new animated movie.

However, this will be a new addition to his career. Also his appearance will be in the movie. Fans are already unable to control their emotion over this announcement. And his music career too is a held high, so this opportunity is earned by his talent and hard-work.

The Singer’s ‘Fan Moment’

Liam Payne announced the new which which will be featured in a movie
Instagram/ Liam Payne

With Payne being a big fan of Disney’s, he surely is living the moment. He also expressed this as the unbelievable moment in his life.

Payne also addressed his fans by encouraging them to listen to his new song along with the new movie. It surely is a win-win moment to both the movie and the singer. Fans support both immensely.

On Twitter he teased a video for his new song, making the fans question. However, the fans got their answer in the star’s announcement.

His works are loved by many, but now he works with his loved production house.

‘Sunshine’ Release Date And Time

The new single is set to release on August 27 at 5:00 pm BST. Fans are cheering and awaiting its release. The song seems to have a lively-vibe and surely captivates every listener.

His previous works with Dixie D’Amelio, Rita Ora and Quavo is a biggest witness to his talent.

His solo career has given him success even after ‘One Direction’ disbanded. In a latest post on Instagram he is seen standing on his toes and commented how he felt.

Liam Payne described how he feels about the release of his new song.
Instagram/ Liam Payne

With the release he surely is in the air for now, fans supported the singer’s announcement.

However, get ready to feel the ‘Sunshine’ on August 27 at 5:00 pm BST, it also is available on Youtube.

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