Lizzo and Cardi B Slay as they Respond to ‘Rumors’ in a Powered Anthem

‘Haters do what they do’

Lizzo has dropped from hit-making heaven to face rumour, and she’s invited Cardi B to assist her new single “Rumors.”

The Grammy-winning couple gathered together for Friday’s release. Adorned in gold and laurel crowns and surrounded by figures and Greek hydria. To verify all the crazy things people have said about them. Instead of denying the false claims, Lizzo and Cardi B acted like Queens and owned up saying that they will continue to stay at the top unfazed by haters because “haters do what they do.”

Lizzo-Cardi b

Before the song’s release, Lizzo said in a YouTube video with Cardi B, “This has been a long time coming.” I’ve been in my studio, trying to be safe while also working on music. In “Rumors,” Lizzo’s first single since 2019. The singer points out that people are wasting their time trying to break a lady down with false claims and judgment when there other important things in the world.

Lizzo, who has been a prominent advocate for self-acceptance and body positivity. She has received hurtful comments on social media for liking herself and having fun while dancing throughout her career. In the lyrics, she tackles the abuse she has received and is unapologetic. She sings, hinting at finally breaking free from the pandemic’s grip.

Pregnant with her second child with Offset of Migos, Cardi B flaunts her baby bump as she makes a grand appearance later in the song, wearing an ethereal gold chest piece.


She goes on to mention some of the critiques she’s gotten about herself, such as body surgery, and false streams. The FCC complained about her “freaky” Grammys performance with Megan Thee Stallion. Despite the criticism, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper responds, I’m calmed down and focused, and my records are still in the top ten.

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