Loki Fan “Fixes” MCU Scene With Clever God of War Edit

Marvel’s Loki on Disney+ has introduced viewers to a plethora of variants of the god of mischief, and the fifth episode saw many of them assembled together. However, God of War fan Homeless_Emperor on Reddit felt that the scene was missing someone, so they decided to add in Atreus! God of War‘s take on Loki seems to fit in nicely with the rest of the variants, as well as the overall theme of the show and the multiverse. While Sony and Marvel seem to have a close relationship at the moment, it seems unlikely we’ll see Atreus appear for real in the series!

The original Reddit post featuring Atreus can be found embedded below.

Released in 2018 on PlayStation 4, God of War eschewed the Greek mythology that inspired previous series entries, shifting focus to Norse mythology, instead. As a result, both Thor and Loki played a central role in the game’s narrative. The official title has not yet been revealed for the game’s follow-up, but it is presumed to be “God of War: Ragnarok,” the twilight of the gods that also inspired the most recent movie in Marvel’s Thor franchise.

God of War‘s versions of the Norse gods are quite different from those that appear in the MCU, but Loki has provided viewers with a number of different takes on the character. Atreus would fit quite well with the show’s concept, regardless of how different he is from Tom Hiddleston’s take. For now, fans will just have to settle for the fan made image above!

While Atreus probably won’t be showing up in the series, Loki has included at least one cool Easter egg for video game fans; the fifth episode of the series featured a Polybius arcade machine. For those unfamiliar with Polybius, it’s an arcade machine that only seems to exist in urban legend. In the episode, the machine is located in the Void, leading viewers to assume that the game actually did exist in the MCU at one point, but was likely erased thanks to the Time Variance Authority!

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