Loki Star Reveals How Her Marvel Costume Was Designed To Allow Her To Breastfeed As A Working Mom

Loki star Sophia Di Martino is grateful to the designers at Marvel Studios for seriously taking into consideration her status as a new mother. In a recent social media post, Sophia Di Martino let Loki fans on a behind-the-scenes secret about her costume as Sylvie, the female variant Loki: it was made with a system of concealed zippers so that Martino was able to both breastfeed her baby or pump breastmilk in between takes while filming the show. The added specs to her costume design have made Martino (and certainly other moms) feel especially supported and appreciated in the difficult field of being a working mom.

In her tribute post to Marvel costume designer Christine Wada, Sophia Di Martino said the following:

“It’s not easy being a working Mama! Genius #christinewada designed Sylvie’s costume & added concealed zippers so I could pump easily & nurse my baby between takes. Little (big) things like this that made it possible for me to do my job & be a parent. I’m forever grateful” —Sophia Di Martino

If you take a look at the chat thread above, a lot of Marvel fans (whether they have kids or not) are feeling even more love for Marvel Studios and their extensive team of creative designers for how they are taking care of their actors, and pushing forward with the kind of progressive decisions (on and off-camera) that other Hollywood studios are being criticized for, with increasing scrutiny. And the benefits of such comprehensive care are already showing returns: with her support and comfort taken care off, Sophia Di Martino has managed to turn in one helluva star-making performance as Sylvie. She’s now poised to be a major fan-favorite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, going forward.

It’s ironic, really, Di Martino’s baby has been a repeated blessing during her time making Loki – right up to her landing the role as Sylvie: “I was nine months pregnant when they told me they had the job,” Di Martino told DS. “So I was kind of like ‘Are you sure?'” She added of Tom Hiddleston, “If you want to know anything about Loki he’s the guy obviously … Lots of advice and he just really looked after me, so thanks. He made sure I didn’t trip over anything and made sure I had someone to sit next to at lunchtime.”

Loki streams new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+.

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