Loot Crate Unveils Scary New Junji Ito Box

Junji Ito fans were taken aback when it was announced that the upcoming Adult Swim adaptation of Uzumaki was being pushed back to next year in the fall of 2022, though the animation shown was able to placate a number of fans thanks to the quality of the series, and it seems as though Loot Crate is hopping on the spooky bandwagon with a new box celebrating the horror mangaka. Though Uzumaki has been gaining most of the spotlight online, Ito himself has countless scores of scary stories that are easily some of the spookiest in the history of manga.

While Ito is no stranger to the world of anime, many anime fans weren’t exactly pleased with the anthology series known as The Junji Ito Collection, which a number of viewers felt wasn’t able to live up to the high standards of art that the mangaka puts into each of his spine-chilling stories. Rumors began circulating earlier this year that a new anime series was in production that would adapt the works of Ito, though details about the series are few and far between, with many fans wondering if the series will be an anthology series or if it will be a long-form show adapting one of his bigger tales.

Loot Crate shared the details of the Junji Ito Box that is currently available for fans of horror and anime, giving fans home goods, wall decor, accessories, collectibles, and apparel to round out the collection of bone-chilling items:

The Official Description for the scary Loot Box reads as such:

“Enter the gritty, twisted art world of Junji Ito. Experience a new series of officially licensed apparel, collectibles and gear in honor of the legendary Japanese manga author most known for his work in horror. Get a surprise mix of exclusive items delivered to your door every other month in this limited edition 4-crate series.”

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