Lou Grant Actor ‘Ed Asner’ Passed Away at 91 ; Heartfelt Tributes Poured in

UP and Lou Grant actor Ed Asner passes away

The very well known actor Ed Asner recently passed away at the age of 91. He has given his voice to famous Pixar film ‘Up’. According to his family he died peacefully without any pain.

His family shared remorse of his death in a very gentle manner. ‘words cannot express the sadness we feel’ and much more similar thoughts were shared by the members of his family.


His past life and tributes paid to him

Ed first appeared on the show Mary Tyler Moorse in 1970. Mark Hamill has also worked with Ed, he also shared his grief on twitter saying, Ed was a great man, a great actor and had a great life.

Ben Stiller who is a famous comedian of that era also shared his thought on Twitter. He said Ed was an icon because of his honest work and he was truly a beautiful actor.

Lou Grant was another well-known character that was played by Ed. Lou also became a character in his own show from 1977 yo 1982. This role of Ed also earned him an Emmy award.

Then in 2003 he also got to play Santa Claus in Elf.

In 2009 Carl Fredricksen came to life because Ed gave him such a suitable voice for the character. He became well known in the young generation as well because of his work in Up.

The start from Sex and the City Cynthia Nixon also shared a picture and some kind words on Twitter. She said it was such a pleasure working with him and getting to know him better.

Cynthia| Twitter

Billy Baldwin also shared how Ed worked till the end of his life.

He was such a happy soul, did so much good work. And we will always carry him in our hearts.

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