Lunchables Takes Over FAO Schwarz, Launches New “Lunchabuilds” Building Kits

For more than 30 years, Lunchables have been letting kids get creative with their lunchtime favorites and now, the beloved brand is taking creativity a step further. Lunchables is teaming up with FAO Schwarz to introduce Lunchabuilds Kits, limited-edition building kits that will let kids fuel their imaginations as well as launching an immersive experience at New York’s historic FAO Schwarz featuring larger-than-life Lunchables creations.

The three new Lunchabilds Kits launch on on Friday, September 3rd at 10 a.m. CT. Each kit is being sold for $100 but are valued at over $2000. The kits are each modeled after different Lunchables creations and include a Lunchables pack, a blueprint, and “an out of this world experience to inspire future creators – such as a galactic getaway, a trip to an architectural wonder, or visit to an iconic zoo.” The kits are only available online and are limited to one per household.

lunchables architect kit
(Photo: Lunchables)

Each Lunchabild Kit offers a different experience. For Lunchabuilds Explorer, the space-centric kit comes with a real-life Space Camp galactic experience at the Virginia Space Flight Academy, or Camp Kennedy Space Center, or the Space Center Houston. For Lunchabuilds Architect this builders’ wanderlust kit comes with real-life trips valued at $1,000 for kids and families to visit world-famous architectural wonders the Empire State Building, New York, NY, or the Space Needle, Seattle, WA, or The Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO. For Lunchabuilds Biologist this animal lover kit comes with a $1,000 VIP experience at one of the best zoos in the country the San Diego Zoo, or the Bronx Zoo, or the Omaha Zoo.

lunchables biologist kit
(Photo: Lunchables)

“For years, kids have been dreaming, building and creating with Lunchables,” said Rachel Drof, marketing director at Kraft Heinz. “Like other traditional toys, Lunchables has fostered creativity and individuality by encouraging kids to use their imaginations while playing with and building with their food. Now, we’re taking it one step further by giving kids the tools to build anything they can imagine out of Lunchables – like a rocket ship or a robot. With Lunchables, if you can build it then you can eat it!”

And, during September, visitors to New York’s historic FAO Schwarz can enjoy an immersive, in-person takeover. In the largest store takeover to date, the experience will feature Lunchables creations through the store and in the storefront windows in Rockefeller Plaza. The larger-than-life builds include a 6-foot-tall Cracker Stacker rocket ship, a Kabobble Trojan Horse, and a Pepperoni Pizza UFO.

The limited-edition Lunchabilds Kits will go on sale at only — they are not available in-store — on Friday, September 3rd at 10 a.m. CT.

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