Marilyn Manson’s Rape, Assault Lawsuit by Ex-Girlfriend Gets Dismissed by Judge

The reason for dismissal was due to the statute of limitations expiring on the claims

A woman who had filed a lawsuit against Rock musician Marilyn Manson for assault and rape had her lawsuit tossed out of court.

The judge dismmissed the case on Tuesday because the statute of limitations had passed on the claims.

The case’s origin

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The woman, who has not revealed her real name and only goes by Jane Doe sued Manson is May. She claimed that the two dated in 2011 before things turned bad and he raped her.

The woman claimed that she had repressed her memories for all these years. The judge dismissed it becahse the woman was not able to say in detail how her memory was repressed, or why she didn’t step forward with it earlier.

Meanwhile, Manson isn’t out of the woods yet. He is currently being sued by three other women as well. This includes his former assistant and Game of Thrones star Esmé Bianco.

20 days to refile

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Hope is still there for the mystery woman. Thr court had granted her 20 days to refile the complaint and answer the questions that the judge asked.

Her attorneys, Adam Wolf and Tracey Cowman said in a statement to PEOPLE that Manson wants to silence their client regarding the rape. He tried using technical legal arguments to get her case dismissed altogether. But, they are in favour of the judge’s current verdict, and supports that he held the case for twenty days so that she can amend her complaint and add more information. They continued that they will add the additional details and make Manson answer for his actions.

A spokesperson for Manson gave no comments regarding the case’s dismissal.

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