Mark Hamill Shares Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Iconic Empire Strikes Back Moment

Last year marked 40 years since Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back hit theatres and the movie’s star is still taking to social media to share behind-the-scenes facts about the film. Mark Hamill, who is best known for playing Luke Skywalker, recently took to Twitter to share an original trailer for The Empire Strikes Back and had a hilarious reaction to the infamous Luke and Leia kiss. This week, one fan asked Hamill about the iconic scene between Luke and Vader, and Hamill shared a little history about the “I am your father” moment.

“Random #StarWars filming question for the day. I don’t know how many takes @HamillHimself did for the ‘That’s not true, that’s impossible’ line in Empire after THE reveal, but it sounds like it would kill his voice. (Which is a good thing he chose to fall silently.) Did it?,” @aaronsagers wondered. “It’s crucial to warm up vocally prior to any demanding challenges. FYI-In that scene- NOTHING could be heard over the deafening roar of the wind-machines. I spoke my lines based on Vader’s gestures, unable to hear a word he said. Everything was dubbed in later in post-production,” Hamill shared. You can check out the tweets below:

Twitter is not the only spot where you can find fun and interesting content from Hamill. The actor recently joined TikTik after calling out a fake account. Hamill’s first video featured his dog, Mable, and it was an instant success. The post got over 5 million views and Hamill now has 2 million followers. You can follow him on the social media app here.

Recently, it was announced that Hamill’s late co-star and friend, Carrie Fisher, would finally be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “I congratulate & salute all 38 new #HollywoodWalkOfFame honorees-Welcome to the neighborhood! Much love & a very special 1-finger salute to the incomparable, hilarious & irreverent force of nature that was my space sis Carrie Fisher.❤️ Her star will blaze from here to eternity.🌠 💫,” Hamill wrote about the news.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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