Marvel Reveals Doctor Strange’s Replacements

Doctor Strange is a dead man walking. Coming in September, the Sorcerer Supreme will be killed off in The Death of Doctor Strange, a limited series from Jed MacKay and Lee Garbett. With a void left by the Master of the Mystic Arts, three new spooky characters will soon swoop in and take his place. This week, Marvel unveiled the cover of The Death of Doctor Strange #3, which includes our first look at a mystical new trio. A press release is calling them The Three Mothers, a trio including “deadly” characters “unlike any the Marvel Universe has encountered before.”

There’s the Wyrd, an alien-mage priestess; the Crown, a powerful Warrior-Queen; and the Crawling, a monstress composed of acid-mouther worms. The press release compares the Three Mothers to Thanos’ Black Order, one of the most powerful group of villains the Marvel Comics world has ever seen. The three characters were designed by Garbett, and Kaare Andrew’s cover for The Death of Doctor Strange #3 can be found below.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

In that same release, Marvel also unveiled the event is growing by at least two additional one-shots. The first is The Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man #1, also written by MacKay with art by Marcelo Ferreira. The second one-shot is The Death of Doctor Strange: White Fox #1 from Alyssa Wong and Andie Tong.

“‘What happens to the world if Doctor Strange isn’t in it?’ It’s a question that I’m excited to show people the answer to in Death of Doctor Strange,” MacKay said in a press release announcing the comic in June. “Strange has been a Marvel fixture from the early days, but now, his time has run out and as a Strange fan, it’s been my bittersweet privilege to shepherd him through his last day and the effects that snowball out of it. We’ve cooked up a whale of a story to send Strange off with, and I can’t wait for people to join us on it!”

Previously announced comics for the story include The Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers and Strange Academy Presents: Death of Doctor Strange. All spin-offs are in addition to the main five-issue limited series.

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