Marvel’s Avengers Reveals New Black Panther Event

This week, Marvel’s Avengers saw the release of War for Wakanda, an all-new expansion focused on the Black Panther. In addition to the expansion, a new event is now live in the game, called Corrupted Vibranium. Through September 2nd, players can expect to see clusters of Corrupted Vibranium located in different missions of the game. Each member of the Avengers will have their own missions with specific tasks in each Corrupted Vibranium Threat Sector. When mission chains are completed, the player is gifted with gear with the Vibranium status effect. This “turns all damage dealt to affected enemies into a large kinetic explosion that can hit other enemies and set off chain reactions.”

Players can expect to find corrupted Vibranium in the following missions:

  • Our Town – Utah Badlands
  • Inhuman Condition – Utah Badlands
  • …And We’re Back – Eastern Seaboard
  • Enter: The Avengers – Eastern Seaboard
  • Stark Realities – Pacific Northwest
  • Here Comes the Pain – Wakanda
  • From Bad to Worse – Wakanda
  • 24/7 Vibranium – Wakanda

Players can also get melee and ranged items that have the Vibranium status effect by completing the Corrupted Vibranium Threat Sectors. Last but not least, players that clear The Indestructible Element mission will get an exclusive team nameplate.

Marvel’s Avengers has seen expansions prior to this one, but War for Wakanda seems to be getting a lot of attention from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics! Obviously, Black Panther has a very big fanbase, and it makes sense that the developers would want to hype the character’s addition to the game. This week has seen a number of suits added to the game for the character, and players can even get one for free, for a limited time! It remains to be seen whether War for Wakanda will attract a lot of new players to the game, but Black Panther fans should find a lot to enjoy.

Marvel’s Avengers is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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