Marvel’s Kevin Feige Reveals His Favorite Scene

Potential spoilers for Black Widow below! With Black Widow officially out in the world for ten days now, Marvel Studios decided to host a watch-along party for the film on Disney+. As the movie played tonight, Marvel head Kevin Feige was answering fan questions about the movie and teasing what’s to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One fan asked if Feige had a favorite scene in the movie with the producer revealing: “The second dinner scene which is the heart of the movie.” In that part of the film, the “family” are reunited for the first time and basking in the larger themes of the movie.

The cast of the film have also opened up about loving that specific sequence in the movie with David Harbour telling Cinema Blend: “We all kind of fell in love with each other and kind of forgave each other in a weird way as it goes on. I mean there was a real spirit of love, and that just bubbled up. And also just humor. I mean, we just had a really good time with each other. That dinner table scene… There is a version of that on the editor’s floor that is so ridiculous, where I go into talking about Santa Claus, I just have all these stories of our history together as a family, when they were, you know, I think Yelena is like 3-6 or whatever… I mean, I just had all this stuff that I would just improv. And Rachel would come right back with all this other nonsense, and it was just really, really fun.”

Feige further added some trivia about the second dinner scene in Black Widow, noting that visual parallels exist in it when compared to the opening scene of the film which was set in the 1990s.

“During the dinner scene, the family sits in the same seating arrangement as they did during the opening sequence in Ohio,” Feige later tweeted.

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