Marvel’s What If? Episode 8 Trailer Teases The True Age of Ultron

A new promo for Marvel’s What If…? Episode 8, “What If Ultron Won?” has been released online, a day ahead of the episode’s premiere on Disney+. As the title implies, the footage from What If? Episode 8 teases a dark alternate universe where the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron went much differently, with Ultron actually managing to merge with The Vision and achieve his ultimate form, unleashing a wave of killer robots across the Earth. As the finale of this new What If? promo reveals disaster turns to potential universal doom, once Ultron sets his sights on the Infinity Stones!

It’s actually a tantalizing little twist to Marvel Cinematic Universe lore that What If? is exploring in episode 8. If Ultron had actually completed his mission to merge with The Vision’s body, he would have likely been able to master the Mind Stone much sooner, since he was born of its power. With the full knowledge of the Mind Stone at his disposal, Ultron would be able to hunt down the Infinity Stones even faster than Thanos – especially since three of them (Mind, Space, and Time Stones) would already be there on Earth. With those three in hand, getting to the far reaches of the Universe to collect the Power and Reality stones from its Nova Corps/Asgardian keepers wouldn’t be hard. Of course, who or what Ultron sacrifices to get the Soul Stone is a question we do need answered. Could it be Ultron wiping out Thanos and taking the Soul Stone that creates the What If? version of ‘Gamora The Mad Titan?’

There have been hints in earlier What If? marketing and leaks suggesting that this ‘Infinity Ultron’ could actually pose a threat to the entire multiverse. In fact, speculation has long been that it is this version of Ultron that becomes the official “big bad” of What If? season 1 – a threat that finally forces The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright) to get off the sidelines and directly intervene in events. It seems that The Watcher will pluck the various alt-universe superheroes from What If? season 1 and turn them into the “Guardians of the Multiverse” who finally hold the line against Ultron and his hordes. Seems like a fitting finale for the animated series’ first season – and a potentially great launchpad for some future developments in the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Marvel What If…? Episode 8 Premieres Wednesday on Disney+.

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