Military Court senteced 3 year prison to Ex- BINGBANG

Seungri sentenced to prison

A military court sentenced Seungri, a disgraced former member of the K-pop boy band BIGBANG, to three years in prison for a variety of offences, including prostitution mediation and international gambling

Seungri had been tried in the military Court on numerous charges. It includes operations for an unlicensed adult entertainment establishment and embezzlement. Seungri was tried by the military court.

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In a far-reaching sex and drug scandal around Burning Sun, the Seoul-affiliated Nigh Club that rocked the K-Pop industry in 2019, Seungri came to the centre of the test.

From December 2015 to January 2016 he was charged with procuring prostitutes to investment clubs. Also companies from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries for prostitutes.

He was also charged with wrongly appropriating approximately 528 million of gambling. Gambling money won by his club funds from December 2013 until August 2017.He allegedly violated the act in connection with the foreign exchange transaction. During the hearings, Seungri rejected the majority of the charges.

He claimed that the prostitution was the fault of his business partner . Also that he did not travel to the United States to gamble.

But military prosecutors asked Seungri for a term of 5 years. In addition an amount of 20 million fines at the previous hearing on 2 July said that. Although he had enjoyed great advantages from his crimes, he “showed no remorse or shifted blame on others.”

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The court ultimately took into account the fact that Seungri had no priors. Also the largest shareholder had first asked for a share of profit. Which meant that everyone else took a share. In addition, the dividends did not cause additional harm.

The sentence must be a relief for those who were a victim of his heinous crimes.

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