Mission Impossible 7 Completes Shooting Amid Pandemic! Director Applauds The Cast And Crew

Mission Impossible 7 Wraps-up Shooting With A Sigh Of Relief

‘Mission Impossible 7’ faced many delays due to the ongoing pandemic and finally completed the shoot. The film faced unique challenges during the shoot and sometimes had to stop filming.

Despite many rules and regulations, the movie was on floor shooting from last year. And the movie set was focused in countries like Italy, Norway and London. Tom Cruise took the responsibility of following the protocols to continue shooting.

And during a shoot in Italy the shooting had to be halted due to covid- 19 infection amidst the crew.

However, with a series of setbacks the movie has finally wrapped up and ready to release.

Director Christopher McQuarrie Appreciates The Cast And Crew Members

In a post through a social media platform, Christopher McQuarrie thanked each and everyone in the crew. And with many obstacles the crew was able to shoot the entire film.

Then he also posted a picture of himself with the star Tom Cruise, co-producer. He went on to say how “good people” are important in life. And also expressed his gratitude later on in his post.

Christopher McQuarrie posted a picture of himself with Tom Cruise
Instagram/ Christopher McQuarrie

And amidst the pandemic the crew was able to pull-of a series of action-packed scenes. Not only that, with a better edition of the current cast Mission Impossible 7 is surely worth waiting.

Details On Mission Impossible 8

With the adventurous wrap-up of the seventh installment of the franchise. Director is set to take off with the next part. Although both Mission Impossible 7 and 8 were set to shoot back to back, the plan was stopped.

And with Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick promotional duties the ‘MI 8’ is set to open on July 7, 2023. As always Christopher McQuarrie will be writing and directing the 8th part of Mission Impossible.

The powerful cast of Mission Impossible 7
Instagram/ Christopher McQuarrie

However, the Mission Impossible 7 movie is all set to hit the theaters on September 30, 2022. And now fans too are happy to know the film’s wrap-up. But are also disappointed on the 8th installment.

Overall, Mission Impossible is once again a perfect execution of realistic stunts and action.

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