Monster Cereals Are Already Popping Up in Stores

The calendar may read July for one more week, but General Mills’ Monster Cereals are already being spotted in stores. Arguably most exciting of all, the boxes this year are being reverted to the retro designs the cereals were first introduced in, all to celebrate the line’s 50th birthday. Pictures of the “new” box designs began circulating over social media over the past week and now, one eagle-eyed Redditor has spotted the Big Three at a local Sam’s Club — Boo Berry, Count Chocula, and Frankenberry. All three box designs have reverted to the retro design for the year.

The cereals are typically seasonal offerings that pop up in stores as spooky season begins to ramp up. Since it is the brand’s 50th anniversary, however, you can expect a hefty marketing campaign is in tow from General Mills and maybe the sooner the cereals are out, the better this year. In fact, retro snack tracker Dinosaur Dracula shared a set of the boxes last week that he’s giving away to one lucky follower.

General Mills also happens to be releasing an all-new product this fall called Monster Mash. Box art for the cereal surfaced online earlier this year, and it looks to combine all of the cereals in one box. All five of the monsters are seen on the box art for that product, including Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute.

Have you found the Monster Cereals yet this year? If so, let us know either in the comments section or by hitting our writer @AdamBarnhardt up on Twitter to chat all things snacks!

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