Mr.Big and Carrie Share a Romantic kiss in the Latest Footage of Reboot ‘Sex and the City’

And ‘Just Like That’ is back for us!

Fans of the popular series ‘Sex and the City’ were on the moon when the revival of the series was announced by HBO Max. On top of this, fans can rejoice that the streaming service has released the first look of the series.

On Sunday, HBO Max shared its line-up for the upcoming programs for 2022. The footage was played during the commercial break of the Emmys 2021. As a part of the upcoming series, the footage is shown as a promotional video. Fans are eagerly waiting for the revival of the show to be released.

The name of the reboot “Just Like That” was shared in the footage. The name of the reboot show was released on Twitter on Monday. The little sneak peek shows Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker and Mr. Big played by Chris Noth. The couple was happily dancing in the kitchen and sharing a romantic kiss while cooking.

What’s More?

Along with ‘Just Like That’, HBO also released the official first look of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm, ‘Euphoria’, ‘Insecure’, ‘Succession’’. And another new series ‘The Sex Life of College Girls’ and ‘Peacemaker’. Also premiere events such as ‘The Matrix Resurrections’, ‘Dune’ and ‘King Richard’.

Another clip also shows Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon standing together and attending an event. The trio recognises someone and turns around to say hello.

Just Like That
Credit: Instagram/Just Like That

The series officially doesn’t have a release date yet. The series will start up with three friends sharing a life of friendship and love and living through their 50s. The original series had four main members but Kim Cattrall opted not to return. But many of the original cast will be seen reprising their roles.

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