Much to Fans’ Delight, the Popular Manga ‘Berserk’ is Returning with a New Chapter

A new chapter in making!

Berserk Manga follows the story of the main character Guts who is a back swordsman with some exceptional skills. With the huge success of the manga and the anime. Berserk already has an immeasurable fanbase.

However, due to the recent demise of the creator Kentaro Miura, the fanbase has been extremely sad and the manga and anime have been put to sudden a shock as a result the manga and anime stopped streaming for a while. Luckily, we have a piece of good news, the 364th chapter of the manga will be released soon.

Berserk | Manga | Anime

Much awaited release

As tweeted by Manga Mogura, the new chapter would be released in September 2021. Unfortunately, this will be the last chapter Kentaro worked on. Now onwards Kentaro’s assistant will be continuing the manga.

This new chapter will have a new poster of Berserk with the most intensive moments of the manga. It will also have a booklet as ‘message to Miura’. It is a tribute to the amazing work done by Miura.


The story of Guts will also move forward, his rivalry with Griffith will also be taking a turn. Since at the end of chapter 363, we saw the return of the mysterious moonlight boy who is none other than transformation incurred by Griffith. The cliffhanger is interesting also a must reason to see the next chapter.

Berserk | Manga | Anime

The next chapter will also have some of the extras in it since Kentaro already had a lot of things in his mind for the story of Guts. The new chapter will also have some heart-touching moments of Kentaro behind the scenes.

Since Kentaro has been a legendary artist of not only Japan but for the creators and audiences throughout the world. He has a huge influence on people from the united states and North Korea, this new episode will be a way to honor his contribution to Berserk.

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