My Hero Academia Cosplay Brings Suneater’s Chimera Kraken Form to Life

One awesome My Hero Academia cosplay has brought Tamaki Amajiki’s Vast Hybird: Chimera Kraken form to life! The fifth season of the anime series has reached its final slate of episodes, and while fans have seen a number of huge reveals the fourth season was no slouch either. It was during this season that fans were introduced to The Big 3, and got to see them in action during the fights against Overhaul and Shie Hassaikai. Through these fights we got to see the young hero, Suneater, display the full power of his Manifest quirk ability.

The first half of the fourth season revealed just how timid Amajiki was in fights, but the Shie Hassakai’s Eight Precepts pushed him to a whole new level. Forced to fight on his own, he unleashed a devastating super move that saw him use the full slate of his transformative abilities to create a whole new kind of monstrous form known as the “Chimera Kraken.” You’d think that would be tough to recreate, but artist @my_neverending_dreamz truly went Plus Ultra with a cosplay bringing Amajiki’s full Chimera form to life on Instagram! Check it out below:

The fifth season of the series hasn’t shown much of Amajiki or the other members of the Big 3 because it’s been squarely focused on the young heroes of Izuku Midoriya’s class, but the season did manage to slip them in alongside Mirio Togata with the premiere episode of the new season. Starting things off with an original adventure easing fans back into the anime, Amajiki and Nejire Hado pretended to be villains (while Togata was a bystander in distress) for a special exercise. But it’s been very quiet since then.

The fifth season has gone to some very different places since it first began, and is even now in the midst of an arc all about Tomura Shigaraki and the villains, so we likely won’t see Amajiki back in the anime any time soon. He’ll be coming back alongside the other heroes with the sixth season of the series, but as for what to expect for that it’s still quite a bit before we get to see how the fifth season will bring it all to an end.

What did you think of Suneater’s Chimera Hybrid form when you saw it in action? Are you hoping to see Tamaki in action again in the anime’s future? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!

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