My Hero Academia Explains the Meta Liberation Army’s Ultimate Goal

The Meta Liberation Army has been working in the background of My Hero Academia for quite some time, looking to create a world wherein no one can be told to hold back their Quirks, and while their goals might seemingly align with those of the League of Villains, the two are set to clash in the final episodes of the anime’s fifth season. With this villainous organization led by the nefarious ReDestro and having a roster of over one hundred thousand villains to its name, it’s clear that Shigaraki and his crew are in for the fight of their lives.

The official website for My Hero Academia didn’t just give us an official description of what the Meta Liberation Army is, but also revealing just what the forces led by ReDestro are looking to ultimately accomplish, which spells big trouble for both hero society and the young crimefighters that make up Class 1-A at UA Academy:

My Hero Academia Meta Liberation Army
(Photo: Studio Bones)

“When Quirks were still called meta abilities, a man known as Destro led a radical group of individuals who believed those abilities should be used freely. Some years later he was arrested and the group disassembled, but his son Rikiya Yotsubashi took the name “ReDestro” and silently started building an army, little by little. Now the number of liberation soldiers at his command is over 100,000. ReDestro also plays the role of a well-known company’s CEO. Among the liberation soldiers, there are even some pro heroes.”

Over the years, ReDestro has continued his father’s legacy, not just in amassing strength to help create a world that doesn’t hinder the use of Quirks, but also in gaining members that are in positions of power to help maintain a new world that the Meta Liberation Army would help create. With several professional heroes on their side, the MLA is seeking to stamp out the League of Villains, mostly in the fear that Shigaraki and his band of young villains might become more popular than Destro’s dream.

The current My Villain Academia Arc has yet to feature the League directly fighting the Meta Liberation Army, but the next episode of the series is set to change all that.

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