My Hero Academia Preview Hints At The Origin of Shigaraki

My Hero Academia’s next arc is considered to be one of the most anticipated of the anime adaptation’s history, with My Villain Academia not just shining a spotlight on the current excursions of the League of Villains but also taking the opportunity to look into the past of several characters. With the leader of the band of antagonists, Shigaraki, still attempting to bring about the end of the Hero Society, the Arc is promising to give us a dark look at his childhood while also showing us how he became the villain that we know him to be today.

Shigaraki’s Quirk is well suited to the villain who has no problem killing the opposition, with his powers granting him mastery of “decay,” which burns away anything that he touches. Revealed to be the grandson of All Might’s mentor, Nana Shimura, Shigaraki was inherited by All For One, who wasn’t just seeking revenge against the top heroes of the world but was also attempting to twist the knife when it came to his ultimate rival in One For All. With All Might losing the majority of his power in his fight against All For One, and the head villain trapped in the villain prison known as Tartarus, the battle continues with the next generation as Shigaraki and Midoriya are destined to square off.

Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared the new image that gives us a look at a young Shigaraki, most likely being held by All For One, in a frantic state, along with a number of other stills that give us an idea as to how the My Villain Academia Arc will begin:

Shigaraki’s origin story is easily one of the darkest arcs to ever be created by mangaka Kohei Horikoshi, as we witness the terrifying events that made him the villains he is today as well as the fate of his family. With the League of Villains set to face off against the Meta Liberation Army, the world of hero society is set to be changed forever regardless of the victor, as the villains are currently planning to unleash an attack on the world of heroes in four months.

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