My Hero Academia Reveals Shocking Secret Behind Number Six’s Face

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has revealed the shocking secret behind Number Six’s face with the newest chapter of the series! The spin-off series is reportedly nearing its finale as it has kicked off the intense Naruhata War arc following its 100th chapter. This has seen the small town of Naruhata explode into chaos as Number Six and his army of proto-Nomu beings have started to attack, and the Crawler himself is right in the heart of the action as the previous chapter of the series brought him face to face with Number Six once more.

The newest chapter of the series picks up from that face to face confrontation, and reveals that there’s actually something surprisingly very similar about their two faces. Crashing down in front of Number Six in the newest chapter, Crawler starts to talk with the villain about their previous confrontation because the villain’s current faceless visage is much different from their last fight. That is until Number Six changes that face back to his human disguise and reveals he actually modeled the look after Crawler.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Number Six Crawler Same Face Surprise Manga Spoilers
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Chapter 104 of the series sees Crawler ask if Number Six was really the same person he met back then, and Six transforms back into his “Rokuro Nomura” face that he used to trick Pop Step before all this happened. Six says this is the best face he’s come up with so far, but also mentions that it’s a problem because he actually modeled the face after Crawler’s (which makes his initial seduction and lying to Pop Step all the more tragic since she has feelings for Crawler).

He even mentions that things were going well with Pop before the Crawler got involved, and it’s part of the reason he wants to eliminate Crawler but before the two can talk some more Crawler actually begins to fight against the villain. He even manages to catch Six off guard with his sneaky maneuver and almost nails him point black with his Shooty-Go-Blam, but stops himself when he remembers how Pop wouldn’t like him acting in this way.

This moment of hesitation gives Six enough time to act, and by the end of the chapter things are looking far too intense for Crawler to counter as he is on the receiving end of the villain’s explosive punches. But what do you think? Surprised to see Number Six modeled his face after Koichi’s? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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