My Hero Academia Season 5 Drops My Villain Academia Key Visual

My Hero Academia has dropped the first key visual for the upcoming My Villain Academia arc! The fifth season of the anime is now reaching its final slate of episodes, and with it will kick off the much anticipated villain focused arc fans of Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga series have been waiting to see for quite a long time. The major reason fans had initially been confused by the fifth season swapping the events of the Endeavor Agency and My Villain Academia arcs for the anime was how much actually takes place during this arc, so now we’ll finally get to see what the anime has been planning the entire time.

To celebrate My Villain Academia officially kicking off with Episode 108, My Hero Academia has released a new key visual for Season 5 illustrated by character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi. This newest key visual shows off each of the League of Villains as they prepare for their next phase, and as the anime has already teased through brief glimpses of the episodes so far, this next phase is going to be a huge one. Check out the new key visual below:

We haven’t seen much of the villains in action in the fifth season thus far, and it’s because while Izuku Midoriya and the other young heroes were training and preparing for their next big fight, Tomura Shigaraki and the villains were doing the same. Shigaraki’s preparations are a lot more intense, and will be directly involving the members of the new villain group, the Meta Liberation Army, that has been seen in the opening theme and in a few episodes thus far.

This arc is a fan favorite one because of not only what it reveals about the villains, but what it sets up for the future. We’ve already gotten some major teases about Shigaraki in the aftermath of this arc, now we’ll finally see how he and the villains get to this point. But what do you think of this first key visual for the My Villain Academia arc?

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