My Hero Academia Sets Up Ochaco’s Role in The Manga’s Climax

My Hero Academia is building toward an epic climax to the series, and we’re seeing some of the biggest supporting characters finally stepping up into the limelight. As Izuku Midoriya has embraced the full power of One For All – but also the singular obsession of bringing All For One down all by himself. Deku’s friends in Class 1-A all united to show him they are truly ready to step up and take on All For One’s forces by his side; however, convincing the rest of society to accept Izuku and the threat that comes with him is a different challenge. But it’s a challenge that Ochaco Uraraka steps up to meet!

My Hero Academia Chapter 323 SPOILERS Follow!

It was hard enough for Class 1-A to get Izuku to slow down long enough for them to even have a deep heart-to-heart with him – getting him back into U.A. High School is a whole other challenge.

Since All For One staged his massive prison break, Japan’s society has been teetering on the brink. Faith in pro heroes has been lost; heroes are quitting their oath, and U.A. has been transformed into a cutting-edge fortress in order to protect mass numbers of citizens from the inevitable ultimate showdown with All For One and his villain army.

The citizens now hiding behind U.A.’s walls know all too well that Izuku is the boy hero Deku, who is being targeted by All For One and Shigaraki. None of the civilians want that moving target hanging over their heads; Izuku finds himself stopped at the school gates by a mob that’s even more hostile than the mind-controlled crowd he faced in his latest villain encounter.

But even when no one else still believes in Izuku Midoriya, his best girl Ochaco Uraraka most certainly still does!

Ochaco uses her gravity-defying quirk powers to get high above the crowd and delivers a speech that helps inspire the fear-stricken people to not only accept Deku back at U.A. but also believe in him to be the hero destined to surpass even All Might’s greatness by ending All For One’s threat for good.

As you can see above, this moment for Ochaco Uraraka is something that My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi has had in the cards for her personal character arc, all along. Uraraka has taken up a place in the limelight as the heroes’ beacon of hope – a far-flung arc from her days of being too shy to know how to inspire hope and confidence in those she was saving. And the My Hero Academia fandom is loving it.

My Hero Academia releases new chapters free online. The anime streams new episodes on Funimation and Hulu.

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