Naruto Cosplay Travels To Obito’s Tragic Past

Obito is easily one of the most tragic villains in the history of Masashi Kishimoto’s epic Shonen franchise, Naruto, and during the sequel series of Naruto: Shippuden, he helped in forming the villainous rogues looking to take control of the world in the Akatsuki. With Obito re-imagining himself as the villain Tobi, working in unison with Madara Uchiha in the shadows to assist in making the dreams of the Otsutsuki come true, long gone are the days when the member of the Uchiha Clan was attempting to protect the Hidden Leaf Village alongside his teammates in Kakashi and Rin.

Obito worked alongside young ninjas in the ranks of Konoha as a part of Team Minato, which was led by the fourth Hokage, who also happened to be the father of Naruto. On one particularly tragic mission, Obito is trapped beneath a large boulder, with Kakashi being given his Sharingan. With the Uchiha Clan member seemingly dying, Obito was being healed by the villainous Madara Uchiha, the man who created the clan that spawned so many Sharingan wielders throughout the generations. Emerging as a member of the Akatsuki, Obito eventually realized the error of ways but then died in the final episodes of Shippuden.

Instagram Cosplayer Swaggy Cosplayer shared this tragic take on the younger days of Obito, when he exhibited several powers similar to Sasuke Uchiha and other members of his clan, but would eventually become one of the biggest villains to the ninja world in later years:

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Obito hasn’t returned at any point during Boruto: Naruto Next Generations but throughout the Shonen franchise, countless ninjas have been brought back from the dead, with the Fourth Ninja World War seeing the Akatsuki bringing back nearly all the deceased characters as their slaves. Though the Kara Organization, the current villainous group that is currently threatening the ninja world, hasn’t brought any characters back from the dead, they have used the genetic material of deceased ninjas to boost their own members. With Kashin Koji being a clone of Jiraiya, Naruto’s deceased mentor, it will be interesting to see if any other characters make a return in wild new ways.

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