Naruto Fan Shows Off Tattoo Highlighting The Series’ Strangest Animation

Studio Pierrot has been a part of the Naruto franchise since the anime series began decades ago, bringing to life some of the biggest battles of the series from the pages of its manga to the small screen, but one of the most recognizable reels of animation was remembered for a very different reason. During the battle between Naruto and Pain during the sequel series of Naruto Shippuden, the member of the Akatsuki who split his personality over a umber of different bodies within his possession made a face that remains legendary to the world of anime to this very day.

Pain was an important figure in the mythos of the ninja world, killing his mentor Jiraiya and nearly destroying Konoha thanks to his insane amount of chakra at his disposal. Luckily for the Hidden Leaf, Naruto was more than up to the challenge and his infectious personality was able to make Pain see the error of his ways. Though ultimately Pain wasn’t able to assist Konoha in the battle against the Akatsuki, as Madara Uchiha and Obito continued to push the group forward and begin the Fourth Ninja World War. Much like his mentor Jiraiya, Pain never returned from the grave but the Akatsuki’s goals live in the form of the new villainous collective known as the Kara Organization.

Instagram Account Anime Tattooers shared this hilariously insane tattoo that was able to capture one of the strangest frames from Naruto’s anime to date, capturing the insane facial features of Pain as he readied an attack against the future Seventh Hokage and the Hidden Leaf Village that he loved so dearly:

Naruto and the ninjas of Konoha have been struggling against the powerful ninjas of the Kara Organization, with their leader Jigen managing to actually capture the Seventh Hokage despite the fact that Naruto was joined by Sasuke during the battle. With Team 7 adding Kawaki to their ranks, they have forged an insane battle against the Kara member Boro, but might have an even deadlier threat on their hands thanks to Boruto himself and his body being overtaken by the mysterious energy known as Karma.

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