Naruto Next Generations show Naruto’s All New Form

Major spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has shared Naruto’s new look in the promo for episode 216. The Kawaki saga is reaching its end, and the shinobis at Konoha are faced with Isshiki Otsutsuki. Boruto, Naruto, and Sasuke will be facing off againt Isshiki so that he doesn’t get to Kawaki. They will have to pull out all the stops so that Kawaki’s karma doesn’t get stolen.

Naruto’s Baryon Mode

Naruto Baryon Mode

Isshiki is on a time limit, and if he’s not able to get Kawaki’s karma, he will die. Sasuke says that he’s got about two days left to live before obtaining the life form. But he’s far too strong for the three of them to beat on their own.

This leaves Naruto with no choice but to debut a new form. His form was alluded in the opening theme along with many other major parts of the arc, but we can clearly see how it’s going to be.

This new form is called the Baryon Mode. It debuted in the manga in November 2020, and it came as a result of Kurama. Naruto takes his Jinchuriki’s advice and activates his new mode when the three of them, along with Isshiki take their battle to another dimension.

Can they win?

Naruto Baryon Mode

The Baryon Mode is clearly an advanced version of Naruto’s Kurama Mode, which he had used to defeat numerous foes. It debuted in the manga in Chapter 52, which was a landmark chapter since the story was taken over by Naruto Creator Masashi Kishimoto.

The Baryon Mode can be compared to Might Guy’s Eighth Gate of Hell, so you know just how deadly it’s going to be. According to Kurama, it works like how Nuclear Fusion works on the sun with the help of Hydrogen Molecules. These molecules break and a huge amount of energy is created.

This will be one of the greatest fights in the story, and how do you think it will end up?

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