Naruto Reveals Sasuke’s Deadly Teacher-Student Promise to Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations shared quite the deadly teacher and student promise between Sasuke Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki with the newest episode of the series! Ever since Amado and Kashin Koji enacted their secret plan against Jigen, it’s been a fairly intense affair for the Hidden Leaf Village. It was revealed during the fight between Koji and Jigen that Jigen was actually the host body for a new Otsutsuki threat. Now that threat has made itself known in full following that fight, and this new Otsutsuki has set his sights directly on Kawaki with the intent of making him a new host.

The newest episode of the series saw Isshiki Otsutsuki fully invade the Hidden Leaf Village in search of Kawaki, and with it Naruto and Sasuke made their move against him. But with Kawaki and his Karma now out of commission and knowing how much more power the Karma can offer him, Boruto wanted to join the fight as well. So before confronting the Otsutsuki in full, Sasuke and Boruto have a brief teacher and student conversation in which the two of them make some major promises with one another. Promises that that could end in death if everything goes south.

Episode 215 of the series starts Naruto and Sasuke’s fight against the new Otsutsuki, but before heading out Naruto tells his son to stay far away from the fight. Fearing that Boruto would lose control to his Karma power again, and fearing the power of the Otsutsuki in general, he urges his son to stay behind. But Sasuke then has a frank talk with Boruto, a talk where he vows that even if Boruto loses control to Momoshiki again he’ll step in to stop him and kill him.

He knows that’s something Naruto wouldn’t be able to do to his son, but as his teacher, Sasuke is willing to do whatever is necessary for his student. To ease his own mind, Boruto asks to borrow Sasuke’s headband once more and Sasuke obliges with the caveat that Boruto return to him alive. This conversation between teacher and student reveals how ready the both of them are to die if that what ends up being necessary in this fight against the Otsutsuki.

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