Naruto’s Recent Adoption Brings the Hero Full Circle

Naruto Uzumaki has lived through a lot in his life, and his story has inspired millions of fans around the world. From his first mission to his current reign as Hokage, the ninja has overcome all the odds to be where he is today. After all, Naruto came from the worst odds as a child, and that is why his recent adoption brings Naruto full circle.

For those confused by this adoption story, well – it comes straight from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The sequel introduced Naruto and his family as Boruto Uzumaki began work as a ninja. On the way, the family was introduced to an outcast named Kawaki who was being used as a vessel. But as it turns out, Naruto is taking Kawaki under his wing for good.

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Boruto chapter 60 did the hard work by confirming as much. Naruto is seen talking with Kawaki one on one, and it was there the two opened up. Kawaki admitted he felt too troublesome to stay in the village, and he did not feel like his place was in the Hidden Leaf. However, Naruto was quick to dispel the thought by telling Kawaki he is now part of the Uzumaki clan.

“Jigen, Isshiki, who cares? I certainly don’t. We’re going home, my stupid son,” Naruto tells the boy. Kawaki is rather shocked by the reveal, and Naruto makes things clear before the chapter ends. “Your place is here. My family thinks so, at the very least. You can stay with us for as long as you want,” he says.

Clearly, Naruto is set on keeping Kawaki around, and this place has become a safe spot for the boy. Kawaki has never had one of these up until now, and Naruto can relate to that painfully well. In his youth, Naruto lived life as a lonely orphan who was scorned by the public, and it is a miracle the trauma didn’t turn him dark. Now, the Hokage is determined to keep Kawaki from experiencing even more trauma, so this father-son team is about to take on the world.

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